11 Best WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker Apps for Android

WhatsApp is a part of the normal lives of a variety of humans. We discuss text messages, movies, photos, etc. Via this stage to our buddies, own family, and every person we want to. In this condition, we want to apprehend to whom we talk most of the people of the app to set only a tiny cease on that. Or only for fun, we need to recognize who’s the person with whom we’re spending the most time around WhatsApp.

Do you continuously test WhatsApp’s‘ ultimate visible’? If you do, you may think that the statistics supplied by using the messenger is not sufficient. To have more unique reports at your fingertips, we extraordinarily endorse you put in one of the final visible tracker apps.

This very publish includes opinions on the satisfactory apps of this class. You will want to pick out the most suitable tool and deploy it from the App Store or Google Play.
Well, there are some programs on Play Store, so as to allow you to recognize that you’re speaking about the maximum in WhatsApp chats. Let us take a look at eleven of these programs and their upload-o features!

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11 Best WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker Apps

Chat Track: Online Tracker & Last Seen

The name of this software right offers you an undercover agent who’s on a secret task! It’s an awful lot less complicated; Chat Track continues tabs on if your circle of relatives or friends are online and logs on to WhatsApp. This agent is a mystery, as not one of them may also suspect your small investigation.

WhatsAgent WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker will deliver you graphs showing the time you’re online or offline. You can move your statistics completely into another Excel record to check it for your laptop in case you would love it.

Family Track – Online Status: Usage & Last Seen

Family Track app is any other first-rate Best WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker App for Android. It shows you closing visible of any man or woman to your WhatsApp. This app changed into posted in September 2019. Family Track is available for android eight. Zero and above. This app offers you a complete document of online statuses. You can supervise the humans to your WhatsApp usage of this WhatsApp. It turned into development for the parent who wants to take a look at what their children do. You can manage every online activity on a social site. You can monitor 3 humans or much less than at a time inaccurate manners.

W-Seen – Online Last Seen

W-Seen – Online Last Seen is any other fine online closing visible WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker. Are you certain that while you sound asleep your youngsters are not the use of any social web page and on WhatsApp? It’s time to stumble on them whilst you are dozing that they’re no longer using the internet. So now, it’s time for a verbal exchange on this difficulty. Here we have got the high-quality answer for this problem. You can take a look at easily that your kids and others are at the net or no longer. You simply ought to download this software from the google play store and deploy it on your mobiles. Then you’ll get a notification whilst your youngsters are online and it offers you all remaining seen information.

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WatzUsage: Tracker for WhatsApp

Do now not squander time for monitoring a person’s closing discovered. Simply use WhatsOn and be informed when a person is monitored by online on WhatsApp. Watch the online period of your buddies and children.

You’ll be capable of screening all of your installed application usage information using WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker App Usage Monitor. The online tracker displays your daily WhatsApp Use together with your last Online time for WhatsApp. Additionally, it helps you to understand how a whole lot of time you utilize your utility.

Tracker for WhatsApp Usage

Tracker for WhatsApp UsageTracker for WhatsApp Usage is an effective device for Android device users. Though it’s miles without a-frills, it perfectly does its paintings.

WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker app will offer you exact records of someone’s WhatsApp periods. Thus, you may be aware of the exact time she or he opens the messenger and the period of each consultation. What is extra, the time could be proven with an accuracy of a 2nd.

Apart from this, the app will let you tune several customers. As it’ll notify you while a person is online, you’ll be capable of choosing the notification sounds for every contact.

Chat Track: Online Tracker & Last Seen

Chat Track lets you reveal activity reports of your own family online and offline alike. The method of monitoring will take just a few clicks. So, when you first open the app, it’ll ask you to insert a cellphone wide variety. Click on the + button on the top of the screen to add different phone numbers. When the contact listing is ready, press on the essential one. Tap at the three dots button on the bottom of the screen to install the sure duration you need for the song. For instance, you could also filter out positive days or hours. Furthermore, you can additionally evaluate chat sports of two numbers and display whether these numbers are talking to every different for the duration of a sure day. Users will receive immediate notifications every time their family participants are online. But we should warn you that Chat Track comes with a 7-day loose trial.

WaStat – WhatsApp tracker

WaStat is the pleasant choice that alerts you if someone comes online on WhatsApp. It sends you notifications quickly while someone comes online. It will show all time durations available clock view. WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker app does no longer hacks any account of WhatsApp anyway. If you are looking ahead to someone that he comes online but isn’t always coming then download this app it’s going to warn you while he/she comes online. It indicates the remaining visible online status of your WhatsApp contacts. You can easily use this app. Just download from google play store, open and input the name of the character whom you need to observe. You will receive notification from this app whilst she/he receives it online.

WLog Online

If you want to manipulate while someone is in the community, you could use wLog Online for this cause. The application is designed mainly for youngsters and mother and father who’re required to control what their child does.

Do you observe that your son or daughter is sitting on social networking websites even as you sleep? It’s time to test this out and feature serious communication!

WLog Online offers you all the statistics approximately how lengthy your loved ones are sitting online. You also can watch how often your lover goes online and tests messages.

By the way, you can even discover precisely which humans you are interested in going – wLog Online will display you what programs they may use.

Once you add your contacts, you’ll be capable of getting immediate notifications each time humans show up online. The builders are giving all customers a loose trial of Premium so that you can ensure that wLog Online truly works nicely.

Data: Last Seen Online

Data Last Seen online if you’re looking for this type of WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker app so one can say whilst your youngsters or loved ones come online, sooner or later, Data is a top-notch last visible online tracker app. There’s a clock that you could see for know-how your and others’ time that’s spent on WhatsApp, telegram, and different social media. Data Last Seen tracker also permits you to look at the previous month’s monitoring reviews. At one time, you could upload over 10 profiles for monitoring. You can primarily use this to locate immediate alerts on every occasion your kid or cherished ones will possibly be offline and online. Second, it shows you that the closing visible timings together with the calculated duration.

Notify Online – Last Seen

Notify Online – WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker gives you a file and notice of your youngsters’ online activities. Children are presently spending a widespread degree of time via online media programs. They maintain themselves occupied in on-line visits and all, spending much less and less time in certifiable activities, that’s fantastically terrible for his or her mental and bodily well being as they are turning out to be an increasing number of dynamic on line.

WhatsAgent Online Notifier and Last Seen

Obviously, as with other comparable packages, WhatsAgent WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker is chargeable and demands a subscription. On account of this reality that WhatsApp often releases updates and attempts to protect its clients’ privateness, even when you got a subscription, you would possibly experience disruptions within the functioning of this application.


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