November 25, 2023


These days, we feel that all the cares are too little. We sanitize everything with alcoholic solutions and even use 70% ethyl alcohol to make sure we protect ourselves properly. If you’ve ever cleaned your sunglasses with alcohol, stop doing it immediately! Alcohol is corrosive to the materials that make up glasses.

Ethyl alcohol is capable of corroding metal frame finishes, paint, frame chrome, or rod hinges. On acetate frames, you can damage the material, leaving it dull and brittle.

When it comes to lenses, using alcohol can, for example, destroy polarizing filters. This causes the lens to “peel”. If the lenses are made of polycarbonate, they will gradually dry out and eventually break.

Bottom line: no ethyl alcohol in your sunglasses!

You can and should clean your glasses regularly. Nothing better for that than soap and water. In the first place, the health authorities maintain from the first moment that soap and water are the two elements that work best to disinfect and clean our hands and objects such as sunglasses. Second, because there is no risk of soap and water corroding the materials.

Lathering the glasses with kitchen detergent, rinsing them under clean running water, and drying them with a microfiber cloth is effective and simple. If you want to know in more detail the correct process to clean your glasses,

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