Anvi Folder Locker Free 1.2.1370.0 for Windows

If you looking for Anvi Folder Locker Free to use to lock your personal stuff so luckily you choose the right place for, Anvi Folder Locker could be a handy program that allows you to hide folders or apply passwords to them to forestall others from accessing the contents.

What is Anvi Folder Locker and How it Works?

The interface is incredibly easy, therefore albeit you do not have a lot of expertise, you will not have any issues obtaining it to figure. To use Anvi Locker, simply add things with the ‘add’ button on the highest. There aren’t any limitations to what percentage of folders you’ll add.

Once you have got everything About Anvi Folder Locker that you simply wish on your list, you will see a tab beside every possibility with six completely different locks for you to settle on from unprotected, that is self-explanatory; hidden, to create it disappears from view; barred, to need a word to access it; read-only, to ban any edits to your documents; and hidden and barred, to cover a file and forestall access with a special word.

If you would like to vary the protections for any document, simply choose or deselect choices as necessary, albeit you merely wish to pause it for a couple of minutes. you’ll additionally cancel it by fully disabling the protection, otherwise, you will take away files from the list with one click, limiting outside access to your files.

How do Anvi folder locker free Works?

The main window is supposed to be as easy as attainable, therefore you’ll simply browse your laptop for the folders you’re fascinated by and add them to the list.

Once loaded, you just got to select the action you wish to perform, like a lock, password-protect, hide, build read-only or hide and lock. On the drawback, there’s no manner of choosing a particular cryptography formula, therefore you would like to settle with the default settings. Unprotecting any of those folders is done even as simple, with solely a depression.

How to Explore Interface in Windows?

Whenever you wish to feature a brand new folder, you’ll either browse to its location, as antecedently mentioned, otherwise you will drag and drop it onto the most window of the app.

Furthermore, once Anvi Folder Locker isn’t running, a frenzied entry is formed at intervals in the context menu of folders, therefore you’ll lock them with one click.

All in all, the appliance could be a smashing resolution for all those that need to create positive that the non-public documents they store in sure folders area unit safe and can’t be accessed by unauthorized users.

How to Unlock Folder Lock If Password Forgotten?

“Do you know how to remove Folder Lock password protection? Or can you show me how to unlock Folder Lock if the password was forgotten?

You will Read Three Different Methods to Unlock Forgotten Password Down Below

Method 1. Unlock Folders/Files (Use Folder Lock Serial Key as Password)

Offered by:

According to the associate degree FAQ post on, it’s aforementioned that once you forgot the master countersign, you’ll still use the Serial range that you are simply accustomed to register Folder Lock because of the key.

Note: It solely works once you have unbroken the key choice enabled in countersign Security Settings. If you do not savvy to change the settings, contact the Folder Lock support team for help:

Here are the steps to unlock Folder Lock together with your serial key:

Step 1. Open Folder Lock and click on “Lock Folders”.

Step 2. Enter your serial range at the Arcanum column, then click “OK” to unlock it.

After this, you’ll open your fast folder and files once more.

Method 2. Remove Password from Locked Files by Uninstall Folder Lock

Note: If you’re an attempted user and have a serial key, attempt methodology one to directly unlock files and folders with the key.

This methodology aims to assist Folder Lock Users World Health Organization with a serial key or secret.

How to Access Secure Folder while not Password:

Step 1. Open written record Editor:

Click begin > Open the “Run” dialog > Type: re-edit and hit Enter. Click “Yes” to open it.

Step 2. Go to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER/SOFTWARE/New Software’s/Folder Lock/Uninstall.

Step 3. Double-click “Uninstall” and alter the worth information from “1” to “0” and click on “OK”.

Step 4.  Exit written record Editor, open Task Mana, ger and finish the task of all running applications, programs

Step 5. attend Apps & options, search and notice “Folder Lock”.

Step 6.  Hover your mouse to Folder Lock and click on “Uninstall”. Click “Uninstall” once more to verify.

Step 7. look ahead to the uninstalling method to end.

After this, you’ll be able to directly open the antecedently bolted folders by the Folder Lock and access your files with ease.

If you would like to use Folder Lock to shield your files once more, you’ll be able to Get Again by any browser and re-install it on your computer to continue enjoying its service.

Method 3. Stop Folder Lock Password Protection

This technique aims to assist Folder Lock users in getting rid of secret protection by reviving the computer from Safe Mode and taking away the folder access permission.

Note: use caution whereas you’re following the steps below to get rid of secret protection.

Step 1. Restart Windows from Safe Boot Mode:

  1. Press Win + R to open the “Run” dialog > Type: MSCONFIG and hit Enter.
  2. Click “Boot” within the “System Configuration” dialog.
  3. choose “Safe Boot” with the lowest radio button > “OK”.
  4. Click “Restart” once another dialog seems to raise you to restart Windows in Safe Mode.

Step 2. once restarting the pc in Safe Mode, set up Folder Lock.

Note: Once the Folder Lock installation, do not click the end button. And continue with the subsequent steps.

Step 3. take away folder access permission

Go to the file or folder location wherever your folder is secured. Then, you’ll be able to see the secured folder once more.

  1. Right-click on the file or folder that is secured by Folder Lock and choose “Properties”.
  2. Click “Security” > “Edit”.
  3. currently, you will see “Group”, user names box.

The user names are System, Your Name and Administrator, etc.

  1. choose the primary name and you may see the “Deny” checkbox list (Full management, Modify, browse & execute, List folder contents, Read, Write, etc.) in Permission for ‘username’.
  2. Uncheck all Deny boxes and do an equivalent method to any or all alternative usernames.
  3. Click OK.

After this, you’ll have with success stopped folder secret protection and you’ll currently open the folder to repeat and paste files to a different secure location.

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