Best Free WiFi Apps for android in 2023

Best Free WiFi Apps for android in 2022

Apps for free WiFi everywhere using your Android smartphone? Are they actually working? In contrast to what you’d imagine, lots actually do! Are you fed up with using mobile data? Don’t worry about it any longer! There’s no need to ask your neighbor to get their private password or walk to a business to access its website.

Best Free WiFi Apps for android

Take a look at this list of best free wifi apps for android, which we’ve compiled for you to save time and money whenever you are online. So, you won’t spend your whole data plan in a short time and your phone’s battery will last to an extend, at least slightly. Make use of these apps to connect to free Wi-Fi and feel comfortable when out.


PingTools is among the most well-known best free wifi app for android to monitor your network. It comes with a variety of features, like the speed test Wi-Fi scanner, port scanner traceroute tool, Ping tool, and you can also monitor your network using it. You should be able identify or at the very least, see any network problems that you may be experiencing.

It’s also useful to see the contents of your network and how much bandwidth it’s generating. The app comes with both a free version as well as a paid version, with the professional version that is free of ads and includes some additional features. IP Tools is another app that is a competitor to this one however we prefer PingTools more. Furthermore, you can also read: How to Check Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile Picture

best free wifi apps for android

Free wifi Connect

If you’re seeking the best Android app to find the open wifi network within your local area and you are looking for a free wifi connection, then Free wifi Connect may be the right choice for you. This is due to the fact that the app will automatically scan and display the public wifi networks. In addition, it could be used to set up an individual hotspot and scanning network also.

  • This is the full best free wifi administration app available for Android.
  • This app is to set up your hotspot.
  • Free wifi connect also includes the network scanner.
  • You can also set up your router using this app.

Instabridge Best Free Wifi Apps for android

Instabridge is an intriguing app. It doesn’t actually tell its users exactly how to find out what your WiFi password is, but what it does is allow its users to create hotspots open to others whenever they connect to the public WiFi network. In other words, if you have the right password for an open network as well as connect to the network, you’ll be able to connect to the rest of the Instabridge users.

It also includes social media features and provides a ranking of users who have used the most hotspots accessible. It’s one of the top apps to avail free WiFi for travelers who travel to another country and require public WiFi.

It’s even better that it doesn’t restrict you from using which means you’ll be able to access any website you like and also use all of your data on WhatsApp and different social networking sites.

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After downloading this app through Google Play Store, Google Play Store you will be able to connect to the closest WiFi hotspots and all for free.

With no data usage limits, The app gives you helpful data information regarding the speed and popularity of a few popular hotspots that you could connect to. You can also use offline maps to pinpoint hotspots in the course of your travels.

The above-mentioned, best free wifi apps also advise you to connect to the top WiFi. This app lets you review the data you have saved the app will allow you to analyze your data. This app just requires one click to connect to any network.


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