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The meaning of dreams is something very present , although it sounds a little strange and many times we do not remember it, our mind does not rest at night. We always dream. We have learned that when we dream and remember every detail, this can have meaning for our lives. It is not about being a believer or superstitious, simply experience and testimonies have made us affirm that, for the most part, what we dream must be interpreted and assumed by the dreamer.

Although science has not yet fully proven this, studies about dreams, the stages of dreams and the meaning they can have for our life, future or destiny are extremely old. There are many professionals who have dedicated a large part of their careers to deciphering the meaning of dreams according to the person who dreams them.

The most striking example related to this statement is Sigmund Freud, who through his literary work “The Interpretation of Dreams” , managed to generate a theory about the subject, by ensuring that the emotions that are buried in the subconscious are manifested during dreams, and that the human being able to remember the fragments of these, helps him to bring out his most hidden feelings and memories.

His work, known to many, was based on the interpretation of his own dreams, where he makes a distinction between dreams that he called “manifest” and other types of dreams that he called “latent dreams” , the latter being the one that has to see with the subconscious and with the special, mysterious and magical language of dreams.

Now, new technologies are in everything, and a large part of their role has been to simplify access to information. Before it was very difficult for us to be able to obtain data on any subject, now, with just one click, we have access to any type of content . Although the Internet is full of everything you can imagine, the quality, veracity and timeliness of such content should be the maximum north of any team that decides to develop information to share it on a website.

That is why we dare to say that MySuenodelossue├▒os.com has been in charge of a meticulous and very responsible way to compile the largest number of dream meanings that have been analyzed and discussed by the main experts in the field.

With a very friendly and also pleasant and digestible informative distribution, you can access the interpretation of the dreams you want through a direct search engine that will take you just to get what you want.

How to look in the dream dictionary

Search your dream
A new option that will allow you to find what you are looking for more quickly is that we have categorized the meanings of dreams by images , an alternative that will also make you feel much more identified with the information we offer.

The types of dreams that we can have throughout our lives are infinite, with different variables and conditions that are determined, obviously, by the experience of each individual, however, there will always be coincident points that will guide and guide you to interpret your own dreams based on generic analyzes that have been approved by specialists in this area, having found similarities between people who have dreamed the same thing at certain times in their lives.

Although the saying goes that “each head is a world” , we can make very accurate interpretations of different dreams by classifying them into: objects, situations, animals and people. And it is precisely part of the strategy that we have assumed from misignificadodelossuenos.com and we can mention some examples that will serve as a preamble to the content that you will find on this web page.

Is your dream related to objects?

The variety of objects that you can dream of is very wide, even most are usually too strange and you have to analyze the dream environment in order to find a correct meaning. On this website you can find from those who are most wanted, to those who probably believe that you have been the only person who has dreamed of that.

We leave you some of the dreams with objects that you can find through our dream meaning search engine.

Food: It is a dream that can be recurrent. Dreaming of food can be related to anxiety and also to fears. Remember that food is one of the main human needs. Satisfying hunger is the base of Maslow’s pyramid of needs. Therefore, dreaming about this can mean that you fear that something or someone is missing in your life.

Mirrors: It is a typical dream and is related to processes of insecurity or low self-esteem. It is likely that you are going through a love conflict or an uncomfortable situation with a circle of friends that is affecting the power of believing in yourself. Dreaming of this object is an alarm signal that your brain sends you so that you reflect and do not let yourself be influenced by situations that are fleeting.

Plates, glasses, crockery or boxes: Although they are different objects, they come to have a common relationship when it comes to dreams. In general, when you dream of this type of object, it means that you feel fullness in life. You are a person with minimal worries, you do not feel remorse and you keep the achievement of your own goals at a good level. You know how to live your time and take things easy.

Have you dreamed of being a millionaire and having a lot of money ?: Contrary to what it can literally mean, this dream means anguish, insecurity and worries. Most likely, you are at the end of the month and you are thinking a lot about how you will get out of everyday debts.

However, there are other variables in the meaning of dreaming about money that can be analyzed in detail.

Dreaming of situations can mean the opposite of what is dreamed of. BEWARE!
Within our category of search for dreams by situations, there are also many that are presented, even the wildest scenes. Dreaming of death, that we fly, or that we fall into the void, as well as dreaming that we go naked on the street or that our teeth fall out, are just some of the most sought after. Here we leave you part of the analyzes that you can find in greater detail on their respective pages.

Death: It is very common to hear people who say they have dreamed of death. It doesn’t matter what shape you have given this situation in your dream. If it is that death visits you in the form of a spectrum, do not worry, the least it means is that you are going to die, on the contrary, it is a notice of change, it may be that you are going to move to another place or city, that you will close a cycle in your life, but it is not about death literally.

Dreaming that I am flying through the skies: It is one thing to dream that we are flying and another is to dream that we fall into the void. However, they are often related and have similar meanings. Both have to do with the expectations we have in our life. The fact of dreaming that we fly is a signal that the brain gives us so that we stay focused on the objectives that we have set for ourselves.

Do you frequently dream of animals?

Dreaming of animals is a very diverse category, but we can point out the most sought after and that will undoubtedly be on your list.

Dreaming of snakes: Many fear this animal, and that is precisely what it means to dream of them. You are surely facing a very difficult time in your life. The illness of a relative, a friend or your own.

The appearance of this animal in your dreams is a premonition of what is possibly inevitable.

Dreaming of spiders: It is another feared animal, but this one, different from the snake, represents entanglements, gossip, tricks. Be careful when you dream of this animal. It is likely that you are being the victim of a betrayal or are involved in a conflictive situation from which you will not come out very well.

Have you dreamed of unknown people? It depends on the way the meaning of dreams can vary
It is one of the most variant and specific categories, since in general, we usually dream of people we have never seen in our lives . It is also very common to dream of someone whose face we never saw in the dream, but we knew they were those people.

This type of dream is premonitory , and it is usually one of the rarest. There have been cases of people who have seen and met people in their dreams, first than in real life. It is possible that if this has happened to you, you have a special gift that you must develop.

Do you already know the meaning? Know the interpretation of these dreams!

Knowing the meaning of a dream is not the same as knowing how to interpret it. This is where the role of those who have been studying this special phenomenon of dreams for a long time comes in. That is why it is important to know some details and their context , since the meaning it has for your life, for your environment or for your destiny will depend on it.

Just to give an example. If a person dreamed of death and is in an environment with a sick relative, it is likely that the interpretation of this dream is very different from that of some other person who has dreamed of death and is in a process of transition in his life, such as the change of a couple, the move to another city, among other aspects.

Here you can know the interpretation of each of your dreams , since the variations that we find with just one are many, so you will surely find the one that most closely resembles your particular situation.

What are the stages of sleep

It is known by all that dedicating enough hours of the day to rest is very important to replenish the forces and energies of our body. All of this will depend on the age of the individual. While a child needs between 8 and 10 hours of sleep, when they enter adulthood, 6 or 7 hours are usually enough, but this is not the case with older people who with 4 or 5 hours are already replenished to start their day .

Everything is related to the waste of energy that each person has, but the truth of everything is that the phases of sleep are based on different aspects where the heart rate, our respiratory rate and even body sensitivity are put into play.

We can quickly name some stages or cycles of sleep, since sleep and rest are not the same. We can sleep through the night but wake up exhausted, or not but when we get out of bed, feel that our energies are renewed and we are ready to continue.

The numbness stage: It is the first, and it takes us about 10 minutes to feel it, we call it the transition stage.

Light sleep: This takes us half the time of all our sleep cycles. It is at this time when our body begins to disconnect from the environment, but not completely. The heart rate and breathing gradually calm down. It is a phase of a lot of brain activity but of low intensity.

The transition: Although we mentioned it in the first phase, it takes us about 2 or 3 minutes. It is the moment when we approach deep sleep. It is the most important stage for children and athletes because it is when growth hormone is activated.

Delta sleep: It seems incredible, but it only occupies 20% of the total stages of sleep. It is the most important phase, since it will be the one that determines the quality of rest that we have achieved during the night. It is difficult to wake up at this stage, our heart rate and blood pressure drop by as much as 30%.

So, the REM, non-REM or NREM phases are what determine the stages of sleep mentioned above. When we dream in the first phase, these usually reflect our everyday worries, and most likely we will not remember what we have dreamed of. The opposite happens when we dream in the NREM phase: they are sharper in image, the stories are clearer, but they can also become weirder and more meaningless, on a first impression. This is the deepest phase of sleep . We can say that it is the magical moment in which fantasy, mystery and science take over us.

We invite you to continue consulting our page and continue delving into the meaning of dreams.

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