Dreaming that we had a traffic accident

Dreaming of a traffic accident may be more common than we think. Although it may seem somewhat tragic , at some point we have all seen, either in person or through the television screen, in the newspaper news or because we have heard it on the radio.

In addition, it is the means of transport that we usually use, whether we are drivers or not, it is the intermediate used to move from one place to another. Either to our jobs or some places for our recreation.

At first, we may feel fear or a lot of anguish when we see ourselves involved in a dream, so, obviously, dreaming of an accident does not leave a good feeling. But do not have great panic about this, not everything is so negative.

This is how here we can identify ourselves in a particular dream and give ourselves clues to channel it. Clarifying that it is always advisable to link the signals that dreams give us with respect to what surrounds us at the moment in our lives.

Dreaming that we had a traffic accident?

Dreaming that we crashed while driving: It is not pleasant to have a dream like this. In general, it is not a very good omen to dream that we crashed while driving, it could be announcing the death of a loved one or someone you know . Because you are the one driving, it is likely that you feel some guilt or believe that something was missing to specify with it.

If it is not you who is driving, but you are in the same private car in which the accident occurred, only the sense of guilt will vary, which will be absent. Although the fear is the same, it could also refer to a disease of someone close to us.

Dreaming that we collided in public transport?

Generally dreams are a reflection of what is in our subconscious , and the fact that they dream of a traffic accident while we are on public transport refers to a fact that we live regularly. And it is precisely the use of this transport.

Although dreaming of accidents in general can generate tension because it is a bad omen, it is not far behind. However, we will have to review what is happening in our environment, it is possible that we are going through some conflictive social situation and we have reflected it in our dream.

Dreaming that the tram we were on crashed?

Like any other dream where a tragic action is reflected, especially if we ourselves are the victim of that act, it will not leave us a very pleasant feeling. On the contrary, it will make us jump out of the house or even take away the desire to continue sleeping.

In this case, we must detail every aspect of our social, emotional, and psychic environment in which we are. Taking into consideration that a tram normally takes us to images of the past since it was one of the first transports carried out by existing man and that it also covered -even still- long distances in its trajectory.

dream about traffic accident?

This is how we can relate the tram to our past. In this sense, we would understand that we are possibly going through a moment in which we will be giving a cyclical closure to a long journey, to something that has been with us since our past. Be it good or bad, we will be closing a cycle to open new doors to our lives.

To dream that there was a crash in the underground transport in which we were going

When interpreting or giving an analysis to dreams we must take into account certain details. One of them is, obviously, what is it that you dream about. Another, who or what objects are there and, of course, what it tells us. In this way we can join the pieces to give a better interpretation to what our subconscious manifests.

On the one hand, we have that the subway we can see as the symbolism of what we may be going through at that time , a lot of distrust of the future, it could even manifest some failure that we are going through. If, tied to this, it is a crash in which we see ourselves in the subway, it can show how such failure could occur in a drastic way.

Dreaming that we crashed while driving a motorcycle

If you are one of the people who longs to ride a motorcycle, but fear of it has discarded that idea despite causing us emotion, it is likely that the dream is predicting negatives in your life . Something you yearn for may face you to wake you up from the impossibility of having it.

On the other hand, if we are one of those who ride a motorcycle, either because we have one or are closely related to them in some way, it may be that in our lives there are many fears about something that we are passionate about or someone we love.

It could also mean the physical or symbolic perfidy of someone very close to us; be it a friend, a relative or even our partner. Although this should not be so explicitly, remembering that we must notice what is happening around us; because the loss can be symbolic of something that in general means a lot to us.

Dreaming that the plane in which we are going falls

One of the most recurring dreams for many is this falling from a building or some high place. But in the case of being an airplane, respectively, it can symbolize some frustrated sexual desire from which, in one way or another, we want to flee. Considering the airplane as the phallic idea of ​​what a sexual relationship can represent.

On the other hand, it could be a time of great stress and anxiety for us to the point that it is reflected in a dream like this. This may be causing it because we have been breaking any norm we are in and therefore stress has buzzed us from the top of an airplane.

Dreaming that strangers had a traffic accident

Dreaming that we observe a traffic accident: If in our dream we are simply observers in a traffic accident, it is possible that we are experiencing an uncomfortable situation with people close to us and in one way or another we are being involved.

Generally, when dreaming that we observe a traffic accident, it reveals a lot of negativity and fears not only towards ourselves, but about ourselves with our environment. We are probably going through a period of low self-esteem so it would be good to pay some attention to ourselves.

Dreaming that unknown voices call us when having a traffic accident

Generally, dream dreams that involve voices that we do not see are part of ourselves. It is our own internal voice that calls us from the subconscious to warn us of something. This will depend on what we are experiencing in our lives during sleep.

Since dreams are a reflection of our inner, subconscious self, it is likely that we are going through some conflict situation in which we still have doubts about whether to continue or wake up. And there our internal voice that warns us of some problem, be it physical with respect to what surrounds us, or spiritual.

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