How to unblock/ unfreeze yourself on WhatsApp?

How to unblock/ unfreeze yourself on WhatsApp?

Depression is a common factor of mental disorders. 5.0% are victims of this critical issue. 3.8% are the people who are in depression just after losing their love once.
In today’s modern age blocking someone on Whatsapp and other social media networks are extraneous. So don’t worry guys. First, how to check you are blocking? You can also read Best Free WiFi Apps for android in 2022

How to check your blocking by someone?

  • Online and offline timing of the user hiding even you people can’t see there last seen.
  • When you make a Whatsapp call and “Ringing” is not visible then it indicates you are blocked.
  • When you send a message on Whatsapp and only a single tick is shown, it also indicates that you are blocked. Just calm, don’t worry. Blocking by someone is not shameful. We have numerous solutions to help you people.

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Ways to unblock yourself on WhatsApp

  • There are numerous ways to unblock yourself on Whatsapp.
  • By deleting your Whatsapp account and reinstalling the application.
  • By creating a new group
  • By requesting a mutual friend
  • By using Dual Messanger
  • By installing different applications.

How to unblock yourself on WhatsApp by deleting your Whatsapp Account?

It is so easy and impolite solution to get rid of the shit to blocking.
Follow these steps and got rid of blocking.

  • Go to the Whatsapp Account setting
  • Choose there Account
  • Choose the option of deleting my account.
    These steps lead you people towards that person whom you want to talk

How to unblock yourself on Whatsapp by creating a new group?

Yes! You guys are got amazed that how it’s possible to do this?
Follow the instructions below and got rid of your depression.

  • Select create group option from the chat screen’s right bottom.
  • Choose members to add to the group.
  • Also, add that participant from whom you want to be unblocked.
  • After adding that specific participant exit all other members.
  • Here you can chat with that person who blocks you.


The easiest way to be unblocked on WhatsApp is that you can request your mutual friend who knows both of you. (which means you and the person who blocks you), which would be helpful in this matter.
You must request your mutual friend to find some central way to talk to your partner. Then you can request your mutual friend to create a WhatsApp group where you three people exist. You, your partner who blocked you and the third party, or your mutual friend. After creating a group mutual friend may leave that group and you can easily find a way to talk to the person who blocks you.

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Unblock yourself on Whatsapp with Dual Whatsapp messenger

Here we are with another simple solution to get rid of blocking by someone. Which is a dual messenger. Yes! Dual messenger. If you have another WhatsApp account then you people are able to send messages to that blocked person from another account.
There are some easy steps for the latest android users. Follow these steps to create another WhatsApp account or dual messenger.

  • Go to mobile settings
  • Tap on advanced features
  • Choose WhatsApp there and on the toggle.
  • Select the confirmation of agreeing and continue.
  • Put your required phone number
  • Register the account right now
  • You can text the required user from this account.


If you people do have not the latest version of the Android phone then you also have no option of the dual messenger.
So tension is not essential in this matter to keep calm and find the other way.
We are introducing you to people to another solution of being unblocked.
That is a third-party app system. There are many apps introduced just to be unblocked on WhatsApp. Those are known as third-party apps. Which plays a role as a third party like a mutual friend.
So here we have some other apps for the solution to your problems.
Some applications are here

  • GB Whatsapp
  • Virtual Phone number
  • Parallel Space
  • Dual Space


GB WhatsApp considers as a solution to being unblocked by the user who blocked you. But it’s all at risk. Some people said that it’s risky the data might not be recovered. But the risk is better than staying blocked by someone.

Virtual Phone Number

Virtual Phone Number plays a minor role as a third-party assistant. But it’s not working sometimes it’s not a permanent solution.

Parallel Space

Parallel Space is an application that leads you people towards the solution of unblocking yourself by a third-party app. This app is for Android users. This app helps you to make another WhatsApp account and you can text the user from u got blocked.

Dual Space

An iOS app is the Dual Space app. It helps iPhone users to text the person who blocked them.


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