December 4, 2023


At a time in our lives in which personal and collective hygiene plays such an important role for public health due to the rapid spread of the VOCID-19 virus, the correct cleaning of the objects we bring from the street can make a difference. One of those objects, especially on sunny days, is our sunglasses.

We leave in this text some tips to avoid making this object a potential transmission vehicle as much as possible.

The first step, advised by all health authorities at this time, is to remove the clothes we bring from the street and wash or air them, then we must wash our hands well and wash our sunglasses.

First, soak your sunglasses in warm running water. Be careful not to have too high a temperature. This can damage the lenses, and there is a risk of burns.

Put a drop of dish soap on the outside and inside of the lens, and spread the detergent in a circular motion. Rub your lenses with a little care so as not to damage them.

Rinse the lens again in warm water to remove the detergent. Just leave your glasses under the running tap. Do not rub with your fingers, it will leave stains on the lenses.

Hold your glasses in the air against a light source. Examine the lenses and see if there is any detergent residue or dirt.

Lenses should dry naturally. Move your glasses carefully to remove the water. Do not use paper, cloths, or towels to remove the water. At the end of the process use a clean microfiber cloth.

Let it dry naturally

Clean with a microfiber cloth

You can also use paper towels, but don’t rub the lenses. In this case, put the glasses slightly under the paper towel and let them absorb. In this way the formation of watermarks is avoided.

If you don’t have any microfiber cloth or paper towels, use a clean cotton cloth. Any material other than clean cotton can damage and scratch the lens.

You can also create your own cleaning solution at home.

Mix of alcohol and water. Alcohol diluted in water is a safe way to clean sunglasses without removing the finishes or protective layers. Mix in a ratio of 3: 1, three parts of alcohol to one part of water.

After finishing the alcoholic solution, pour it into a small sprayer. Add a drop or two of dish soap to the alcohol and water mixture to improve the cleaning power of the lenses.

Spray the glasses and wipe the lenses with a cotton cloth in circular motions.

Use the solution in all parts of the glasses. This is, in fact, one of the advantages of using this alcoholic solution instead of a lens cleaning solution. The alcoholic solution can be safely used in all parts of the glasses.

Clean and disinfect all parts of the frame.

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