Pokemon Cloud White 2 Download

Pokemon Cloud White 2

Pokemon Cloud White 2 is 2nd version of Pokemon Cloud White. If you loved it’s 1st version then you will gonna love it too


Cloud White 2 will blow your mind with its amazing features, meeting all Pokemon from 1 to 7 generations. Have you ever heard of early reversal and mega evolution? Fortunately you can enjoy these features in the game even though it is only found in the latest version of the Pokemon game. But wait, there’s more. There are Fake mega evolution.

The scenario starts after the last Pokémon Cloud White event. Get ready to discover 4 new regions: Not only South Sinoh (Koros) and Sinoh But also Seto and Sevii in the Cloud White Origins expansion! During your journey, you will try to reconstruct the mystery of history. Team Rocket and Galactic are united to challenge you and your friends, Professor Oak, Blue, Leaf, Ash Ketchum, … but why?

About the story of the game, can not tell more and you have to find it yourself because I know you will love it. As mentioned earlier, the original Pokemon Cloud White version is released.



4 regions(Sinnoh, Sevii, Seto, Kouros)
Hidden areas
Automatic re-use of repel
An open World game contains four regions
Gameplay of more than 60 hours
Experience points will increased after getting captured
Gen I to Gen VII Pokémon and all are collectable.
Maximum level up to 200
Mega development
Famous Pokémon stars (Misty, Ash Ketchum, Elm, Giovanni, etc.) from Pokémon Universe
Special physical distribution
A bonus Premier Ball is offered for each of the 10 Poke Balls
Expanded cash and bag limit (now you can collect more cash and items)
New items and development methods
Honey and Berry tree system
Kind of fairy
The Pokémon World Tournament
Player will face your opponent before any battle
Day and Night System
All weathers available
Difficulty has been increased
Run everywhere!
Unlimited TM


New Pokémon menu
Graphic style has been changed from DPP, Glazed, HGSS and more
New battle backgrounds
New bootscreen and Title screen
New Bags with expanded storage limit
New trainer sprites
New text boxes in HGSS Style
New battle boxes


New songs from FF, Zelda, Pokémon Emerald, etc.
Cry edited in High Quality for all Gen





Do you have to play Pokemon Cloud White to fully understand Cloud White 2?

The answer is no!
Yes, You can play Pokemon Cloud White 2 without knowing or playing the Pkemon Cloud White


How to download and install Pokemon Cloud White 2?



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Pokemon Cloud White 2 Download

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