November 23, 2023

Pokemon Rising Crystal Download

Pokemon Rising Crystal

Pokemon Rising Crystal is just same as Pokemon Crystel. The difference between them is that the Pokemon Rising Crystel is hacked that not only makes the game more difficult but also makes the Pokemon Crystal more satisfied


Pokemon Rising Crystal is an hacked version of Pokemon Crystal but It dosen’t change the style and story of the game, actually the hack is to increase the difficulty of the game and make it more enjoy and playable


The storyline of the game is same as the Pokémon Crystal with some new additions

This hack contains:

The original Gen 2 cast of Pokemon has been debated to allow for further diversity in the types of Pokemon available, so that some species may not be represented. Many Pokemon have changed their types, stats and appearances so that they can use this game. Make it more workable. Some Pokemon have brand new original evolution to further enhance the game’s ability.

Along with these completely new evolutions, you will also see some familiar evolutions that were included in the series in Gen 4.

In addition to the correctional cast, more diversified measures have been added to the game by future generations to allow for a more diverse learning system. On this note, considered a special move and a physical move based on typing, its bizarre rules are set for the higher physical / exclusive distribution in future sports.

New locations have been added to the game and some old locations have been modified. Some locations have been restored from Red / Blue / Yellow, such as Verdian Forest and Sephom Island, and some are brand new additions, such as the entry of a volcano on the island of Sinabar.

Commercial evolution is either surface preparation or there is nothing in evolution with it. Items that make specific Pokemon and were replaced by straight Pokemon during the trade.
Note: items are nowhere to be found shopping.

The game is fitted with a whole new level of curves, and the development of the Open World Gym has made the Cake Walk in Joto and Canto in depth a special gym. Immovable objects cannot be used in combat and opposing trainers will not use them. Useful holding items have been made available for purchase at some locations to facilitate team building.

Boss trainers have Pokemon competitive moves, use held objects, and generally have more Pokemon on their teams as the game progresses. As an example, Chuck will not have two Pokemon on his team despite being a late game gym leader. Hard to maintain the curves of difficulty throughout the experience, there are also hard-level caps that prevent you from taking the next level of Pokemon to the next level of the next gym leader’s team.

Every single Plemon in the game is catchable. You are going to find all of them at some point

How to download and Install


Treecko evolves in lv6.
Some pokemons have power ups and can changed their abilities.
There are many custom trainers, including the two creators.
All pokemon are the same as they were when they were born.
New scripts and story line
Sinnoh Has 7 Pokemon(?).
NPCs have their own Pokemons.
New gameplay


Author: Sarndev
Release Year: 2021
Original Version: Pokemon Crystal
Language: English
Version: Completed v1
Downloadable: Yes

Download Link:

Pokemon Rising Crystal



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