How to Draw a Brontosaurus

This brontosaurus was one of the biggest and most famous dinosaur fossils ever discovered. It was discovered in 1881 and it sat in the museum for over 100 years. The fossil was sent to Oxford University in 1955. A year later, archeologist R. J. Walker excavated the foot bone and sent it back to the museum. They now have a new exhibit that attempts to reconstruct the dinosaur’s life from before it died to after being buried in the mud.

Would you like to draw a Brontosaurus dinosaur​? Here is the step by step instructions for drawing​ the Brontosaurus.

Step-by-step Guide:


Step-by-step Guide

First, draw the mouth of the brontosaurus.


Draw your eyes and nose of the Brontosaurus.


Draw two long curves down the head to form the Brontosaurus’s neck.


Draw one fore limb and one hind limb below the back.


Then draw the far fore limb and the far hind limb of the brontosaurus.


Color the Brontosaurus with green on body and red on the tongue.

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