Recuva Free Download

Recuva Free Download

Recuva is the most powerful and easy-to-use file recovery tool in the world. It helps you recover files from multiple hard disk drives, memory cards, removable media like memory sticks, USB keys, and SD cards. With Recuva, you can recover files from damaged or formatted hard disk drives, and also recover deleted files from the system.


Recuva is a file recovery application that came out of nowhere. It was written by a forgotten hacker who had lost his account passwords after experiencing problems with his girlfriend. Recuva helped him recover all his data including his girlfriend’s password. After the app was released, it gained some traction and has been used to recover thousands of thousands of files that are otherwise unrecoverable. Over the years, Recuva has also found its way into the hands of many popular celebrities including Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, and more.

Recuva Free Download Overview

Recuva is a free utility that users can use to recover deleted files and folders from hard drives. It was originally created by the Australian developer AussieTiger. The program works in a similar way to Data recovery software, but it’s much more in-depth. A full list with links to install and run Recuva on your computer is available on its website.

Recuva is a free program dedicated to recovering your password and data files from your hard drives, partitions or USB drives. Recuva can recover all types of personal data files from partitions, i.e. not just from Windows, but from other operating systems, such as Linux and Mac OS X. Recuva will set itself apart from Windows Password Recovery by being able to recover data from USB drives and even removable media like external hard drives when other programs fail.


If you own a computer, you probably use it a lot and you probably use more than one program at the same time. What is Recuva? It’s an easy-to-use and free software that helps you recover files from your hard drive. It can also help you find files that are inaccessible or have been deleted.

Recuva free download features:

Recuva is an easy-to-use and free software that helps you recover files from your hard drive. It has so many features for recovering and repairing files. You can recover your accidentally deleted files, recover those lost pictures, videos, songs or documents in few simple clicks. Recuva is a safe and efficient way to retrieve the lost files from your hard drive.

  • Recovery from damaged or formatted disks.
  • Recover deleted iPod music.
  • Recover deleted emails.
  • Quick-Start Wizard.
  • Deep Scan.
  • Securely delete files you want to erase forever.
  • Full Windows OS support and many languages.
  • Portable version.
  • Restore unsaved Word documents.

Recuva system requirements or technical details!!

Will run on any PC running Microsoft Windows 98 or later

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