The best apps to track gymnastics progress

Gymnastics is a good sport and healthy activity for adults as well as kids. Many people adopt it to reduce weight or maintain body shape. It is not for gymnasts only as you can also improve your body skills and gain various benefits by using gymnastics equipment such as a gymnastics bars for 100 dollars  gymnastics bar.

Many people use a scale to measure their achievement and no change discourages them. In my opinion, scale is not a good device to track your progress.

Therefore, here m sharing few apps that will be useful for tracking gymnastics progress. However, if you are the one who wants to visually observe your progress then find a FREE gymnastics progress chart here. Just print this and track your weekly progress.]\

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Gymnastics Progress Tracking Apps

1.      Strong: Free Workout Log

Strong is a free mobile app tracker that is available for iOS, Android, and Apple Watch. It is easy to use, includes a warm-up calculator, and tracks your progress.

However, it doesn’t include any workout schedule. But its free version has amazing workout options. For more additional features, you can move with PAID version.

2.      GymBook: iOS Workout Tracker

GymBook provides unlimited workout (around 100), exercise, and analytics features to track workout progress. It works perfectly with Apple Watch. Paid versions offer various other features however, it is good with free also. Give it a try and you will surely love it.

3.      Gymnast Companion

It is available for Android and is a perfect partner for both professionals and beginners. It is an incredible app to track gymnasts’ progress at different levels. It is a paid tool but it will pay you with quality.


Gymnastics progress tracker keeps you motivated and helps you attain more. You can visually track your strength, improvements and achieve your goals. Therefore, use a gymnastics chart, or mobile apps to track your gymnastics progress.

We hope you will get the best results and stay healthy. Thanks!


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